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Ocean Fever is a nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing kids to open water swimming, ocean safety, ocean safety education and environmental awareness, introducing various career paths associated with it and fostering a lifelong relationship with the ocean.


We are a volunteer organization made up by coaches, lifeguards, parents and high schoolers, focused on water activities and sports in and around the ocean. 


Water training/support 

During the spring/summer season, Ocean Fever hosts weekly open water swims, where high-school aged swimmers are paired up with young/beginner swimmers,  to help them complete their first buoy swim, culminating in their first open water race and continuing an ongoing mentoring cycle. 

We will also introduce and train with paddleboards and surfboards, guiding beginners in open water events.   



During the off season, Ocean Fever offers certification in CPR, First Aid and Water Safety (WSI), preparing high schoolers for the job market and creating community services hours that can benefit them on college resumes and beyond. 

Community Service 

Ocean Fever partners with various organization throughout the community to  promote environmental awareness and share the healing power of the ocean. 


Feed The Needy

Woman Shelter of Long Beach



Special Olympics

High schoolers might mentor a child from the inner city, introducing them to the ocean for the first time. Or they may partner with a group to organize a beach cleanup. They might also work with disabled children, teaching them to surf. These are just a few examples of the various outreach programs we offer. 




• May 15, International Water Safety Day: to promote water safety and introduce the students to various career paths associated with swimming and the ocean


Activities include: 

1-    Games

2-    Motivational Speakers

3-    Introducing Program to our community


• Memorial Day / Beginning of season.

We are going to honor our man and women in uniform. Possible National Anthem sang by a member. Motivational speakers (Veterans and active members) follow by a short swim to the flag and back.

We will introduce our coaches and youth mentors and we will finish with a pot luck organize by parents with the support and donations from our sponsors.


• Catalina Channel Swim Relay Crossing / August 2-3rd, 2022.

2 teams (1 youth and 1 masters) swimming to raise awareness for Water Safety while raising awareness for Mental Health


- Off season outings: 

 documentaries/movies, surf contests, community service, Series speakers, and much more.

Board Members


Ocean Fever Founder

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Ocean Fever Vice President

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Rosana Echt

Ocean Fever Treasurer

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Ocean Fever President


Ocean Fever Secretary

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